Roddy Chong


“A standing ovation.”

“Incredibly inspiring message and music!”

“Roddy hit the precise notes and showed us how to allow God to play through us.”

Why are audiences raving about Roddy Chong?

On stage, Roddy Chong is recognized for mesmerizing arena-sized crowds.  As one of the world's premier violinists, Roddy has been requested for multiple tours with powerhouse artists like Shania Twain, Celine Dion, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  But Roddy Chong's passion for going beyond music has made him a sought-after speaker at business and church events across the country.  Roddy combines inspiring music with heartfelt messages about perseverance and discipline, all while giving 100% of the glory to God for his personal and professional success.

 "Roddy turned the stage upside-down.  The impact of his message was enormous." 

Roddy began sharing his practical and inspirational messages with audiences from some of the most recognized companies such as: Kraft Foods, Bayer, YMCA, and the US Bankrupcy Court.  But with his faith such a strong element of his story, he soon began addressing more and more church and para-church groups—helping leaders, volunteers, teams, and individuals realize their God given potential to consistently produce encore performances beyond the stage.

Roddy's unique messages draw upon his incredible testimony and transformation from "just a kid who played the violin while my friends got to hang out" to "all of a sudden performing on stage with some of the biggest musical acts in the world" to "being asked by leaders of large organizations to share my learned experiences with their people."  Foundational to his success, he says, has been exercising the fundamental disciplines of prayer, humility, and faith in God that he learned from his loving, Christian family, from regularly studying the truths found in the Bible, and from the teachings and support from his local church.

In each message; Roddy shares a portion of his life story and the insights that God revealed to him from training and performing in arenas around the world.  This includes working alongside hundreds of managers, musicians, and various personalities in the performing arts industry.  He shares wisdom gleaned from prominent dignitaries he has met along the way and what it is like to perform with God across different cultures and countries.  Plus, he talks about what he learned about himself and the people around him—those who found joy and peace, and those who failed.

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Roddy's message topics include:

1. God's Plans Are Beyond Our Imagination:  As a Chinese-American, Roddy never imagined being a member of one of the most successful country music bands of all time (Shania Twain).  He also never imagined he would find the great comfort and strength of the Lord in his darkest hours.  Roddy shows audiences how to be open to God's opportunities and to rise to their God given potential.  (Ephesians 3:20, Matthew 19:26)

2. Letting God Lead:  Roddy introduces audiences to the basics of following God's leadings—through the Bible, prayer, mentors, and active listening to God.  Roddy explains how to follow God as part of our fundamental foundation.  Then we find the beauty of being able to say, "Look what God has done" and how this takes the pressure off of us and gives the glory to God.  (Hebrews 4:12, John 14:26)

3. Little Things Matter:  How do we move forward with a God-given vision?  How do we effectively get from here to there in a worthwhile endeavor?  Roddy teaches on how seed-sized faith can produce forest-sized results—often unexpected results—how executing small, wise, strong moves leads to great things of God.  Little things matter, and with faith, they add up quickly! (Matthew 17:20, Proverbs 6:6)  

4. Comfort In The Uncomfortable:  Roddy has learned the hard way how to seek comfort with God and innovate within the uncomfortable—how one can truly turn trials into character.  During times of frustration and struggle, God can reveal great insights and moments of brilliance.  This message shatters stale perceptions of potential and reminds us of God's purpose in us.  (James 1:2-3, Romans 5:3-4) 

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